Nov 27, 2014

November Favorites 2014

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This month some of my favorite things are Celestial Candy Cane Lane Tea. 
Really delicious and minty perfect for winter. It just makes me cozy.

My special mug and socks. It's an early gift from the love of my life. :D

Products that I really enjoyed this month

Garnier Fructis shampoo and conditioner.
Aveeno FIG bodywash.
Soft Soap Hand Soap-Lime Basil
Got2B Oil Licious
EOS the Mandarin and Mint Vanilla 
C.O.Bigelow Lip Balm but also good for dry spots on elbows and knees. 
Nail Polish Sally Hansen Clear Coat and Essence Glitter Jewels Nail Polish

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Nov 22, 2014


Thank you to for the nail polishes. 
I am a huge fan of Essence. The products are amazing and very affordable. 
They don't test on animals!

I have not been paid to write this review.
This is my honest opinion.

156 Me and My Lover
This nail polish has a sand texture to it.
I used one coat. The colour is very bold and beautiful.

This is also a SPARKLE and SAND EFFECT 
nail polish. 
165 Here's my Number
The colour is a greyish blue
It has a sand texture and I used one coat.
this is beautiful and mysterious!

This is 
07 blue-jeaned
Totally amazing! I love this one. It's like a blue jean colour with 
lots of shimmer and glitter but also chrome. 
Just breathtaking! 

My little girl loves this one. 
She wanted it on her nails.
This one is 
Glitter Jewels
Essence effect nail polish 
11 Party Crasher
Very glittery and lilac/purple
I used two coats. 

This last one is Essence Colour and Go
129 The Boy Next Door
A bold and beautiful blue.
My eldest is hand model for this one.
She totally loves this colour!
Bold and Bright!
We used ONE COAT! :D

The nail polish is amazing, bold and beautiful. I love the brush on the nail polish. It just glides and fits perfect on my nails. I love how Essence has a variety of nail polishes. 
There's your sparkle ones, texture ones and glossy ones.
The quality is wonderful and I really love how it only requires one coat with the exception of the glittery one. 
Thank you to Essence for these beautiful nail polishes!

Facebook @essence.north.america

Thank you so much!

Essence Lipsticks- Review and Swatches

Thank you to Essence for the lipsticks
I was not paid to write this review. 
I totally love all their lipsticks. 
They glide on and are so smooth and moisturizing. 
These are so affordable and beautiful!
Thank you so much to
You can find them on
Instagram: @essence_cosmetics
Facebook: @essence.north.america
Twiter @essence_us
Lip liner 120 poppy.coquelicot by Rialto 2a12
Essence Lipstick 03 Dare to wear 
Totally love this!

Lip liner 06 satin mauve
Lipstick 04 on the catwalk! 

01 coral calling 

10 cotton candy
Liner 12 wish me a rose

07 Natural beauty
Liner 06 satin rose

Thank you so much!
Following this post there will be eye shadows and eyeliners. 
Also nail polishes from Essence! :D

Nov 21, 2014


Thank you to for their generosity. I received these lovely cosmetics and I am truly excited to try them out and give you all an honest review. I'm a huge fan of Essence and I was contacted by the company to try these lovely items out and give my honest review. I have not been paid for this. 
Just a HUGE fan of Essence. :D

Essence Does NOT test on Animals :D
Essence makeup is AMAZING quality and very affordable! 
Have a look at what they generously have given me. 

Twitter: @essence_us
Facebook: @essence.north.america
Instagram: @essence_cosmetics

Thank you so much again to Essence and following this blog post there will be swatches and reviews!

Thank you again!

Eye Shadows 

 Nude Eye Shadow Palette 



Thank you again and come back to view swatches and reviews on these beauties!

Nov 17, 2014

This look...

I created this look with the following beauty products.
I must tell you these products are all amazing and affordable.
I was not paid to write this. I totally love these products:

I used a sample size of Yves Roches BB Cream. The shade was a little off.
I think If I were to purchase it I would go with light. I wasn't a big fan of this bb cream.
I feel it shows my pores instead of smoothing things over. 
Next time I visit Yves Rocher I'm going to ask for the light bb cream.
I will have to try it gain and see how it goes. 

I'm a huge fan of Essence Products. Total fan!
Essence is so affordable and so amazing!
This is all in one bronzing highlighter. Really lovely because I use the bottom part to contour and the light part to highlight. 

The two shadows are from "The Cookies and Cream" collection.
I would say if you see a collection you like at the store you should purchase them
because they will not make that collection again.
Try the sample ones they have for you on display.
I hate when people open things up and try them!!!

So I'm totally loving these two eyeshadows!

I also use the 
Rimmel London Stay Matte powder. I Really like it.

I use the Rimmel Scandleyes nude pencil for the inner part of my eyes to brighten them up.
The Essence cookies and cream eye shadow pencil. It's so smooth and glides on so perfectly.
Vasanti lip gloss. Really beautiful and lovely nude. 
Rimmel London Eyebrow pencil.
Bloom me up Essence pencil for highlighting the corners of my eyes and also right underneath the eyebrows. 
Essence pencils are so smooth and lovely. 
My new favourite mascara EVER! Seriously! 
My lashes do not feel heavy and also my eyes are very sensitive so finally a mascara that doesn't make my eyes tear up! Yay! 

I tried this sample from 
Yves Rochers and I love it! So beautiful! I can't explain how lovely this is. Floral and musk at the same time. So fresh and lovely!

I did a review on this beauty before and I'm totally loving this! 
Garnier BB eye cream is really great!

So here are all the lovelies I used and love. 
I also used Essence blush. So pretty and natural.
Hope you enjoyed this post!
Have a lovely week!