Aug 23, 2014

Paint Party Friday: Paint Party Friday: Week 24, Year 4 Check-In

Click the link and visit Paint Party Friday Blog! I've been featured and I'm truly grateful! Also check out all the other artists links and have a look at their beautiful blogs! They are what inspires me to keep painting!

Thank you to Eva and Krisin the hosts of Paint Party Friday for Featuring my Abstract Art this week on PPF! Thank you to all the artist that inspire me and encourage me to keep painting. Thank you for all your inspiring and heartfelt comments. I'm truly grateful and truly blessed! I don't have the words to describe how this makes me feel. Thank you so so much!

Have a look!---> Paint Party Friday: Paint Party Friday: Week 24, Year 4 Check-In: Welcome to Year 4, Week 24 at Paint Party Friday! This week the number generator chose #10 - Maria Medeiros at Cozydoodle . ...

Aug 21, 2014

I'm the Beach Bag Giveaway Winner!!!

I would like to say a BIG thank you to Kaillie from these are the goodies that came in the mail today!

Thank you so much Kaillie!


I'm truly gratefuL!
Thank you so much! It feels like Christmas in August! :D

A Hot Day-Photos

Thank you!

THank you so much!

Simon & Schuster and Akheela for the Summer Slide Prize Pack!

Thank you so much! I'm truly grateful! We finished two books already! :)

Thank you so so much!

July and August Favourites

Summer is Almost Over!!!!!! noooooo!!!!!!!! 
I feel the summer hasn't been very hot. Lately very cool weather. 
I just wanted to share with you a few things that I enjoyed in the months of July and continue to 
enjoy in August as well.
Bath and Body's Banana Nutmeg Bread Pudding Candle. YUMMY! 
Ontario Peaches are DELICIOUS 
A lovely daisy from my sweetheart.

I totally love ESSENCE products because they are really great and affordable.
This colour called 02 YUMMY YUMMY is so pretty! 

I can't tell you how much I'm in LOVE with Aveeno's Body wash FIG! It smells so divine!
I also love Satin Care Olay. I love how smooth and moisturizing it is for my skin.
I love Lavanilla  from Sephora. It smells so sweet and lovely! 
The Garnier Mask Hair Treatment has helped my hair so so much! 
Also Aveeno daily moisterizer. I've been using it everyday and indeed it does moisterize. 
I don't know if it makes a difference but it does keep my skin hydrated.
These are products I would TOTALLY recommend! I love them and they work!

I've been trying to keep up with eating healthy. Trying ;)
 I find that my energy is no longer low when I intake the following... except the candle. lol
I've been eating chia seeds and hemp hearts and taking multivitamins. 
Water helps a lot too.
 I just added the candle for relaxation purposes. :D 

Ontario Peaches....I LOVE YOU! :D

My little planner from
 my earphones and my cute pen are very important in my day because my brain fills up with thoughts, ideas and doodles and I need to get all those thoughts out. 
I like cute pens...ya. :D 

Tea! Love tea! 

I also bought these two essence perfumes on sale. 
I bought two for my niece and I also bought two for me. 
They are small so you can keep them in your purse. 
Also a revlon nail polish. Very nice but the sparkles are hard to come off. :P

Have a wonderful rest of the month! 

Aug 8, 2014


Do you notice the details, colours,
Patterns and textures around you? 
We are so busy and forget to enjoy the small details. Capture the moment, take it in, draw, photograph or doodle them. 
Everything is unique and special. I'm truly grateful. 

Aug 5, 2014

Beautiful Creations

Instagram  @cozycomfycouch 


Life is full of possibilities. 
I truly believe in positive thinking.
It takes time to eliminate the negative thoughts, the doubts and the pity. 
But once you do replace the thoughts of self distruction I guarantee you will be happier. It's a practice and training of the mind and it works. Gratitude and positive vision. Meditation, positive visions and positive mantras help so much. Once you eliminate toxic thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts the universe will respond to you. You get what you seek. 
Have a lovely and positive week! 

Jul 30, 2014

The Great Polish Giveaway! -GIVEAWAY!

I have nominate the beautiful shade "Eight Days a week"
I totally adore this colour! Love love love it!

Fill out the Rafflecopter for a chance to win!

"One winner will take home up to 200 nail polish from over 10 different brands! The prize starts at zero, then bloggers can each pick a favourite shade to be added to the prize." 

Jul 14, 2014

Summer flowers


Have a beautiful week!

Photography by Maria Medeiros
Instagram @cozycomfycouch