Oct 24, 2014

HALLOWEEN PARTY! .DIY Apothecary bottle.


Hello and welcome to my blog! 
This post is a part of the wonderful HALLOWEEN BLOG HOP PARTY!
The host for this party is the amazing and talented Vanessa!

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Today I've decided to show you a DIY and also a couple of art pieces that I've created.
Along with a little Giveaway! :D Anyone who leaves a comment on this post will be entered to win.


I used a plastic vitamin bottle. 
Used hot water to take off the label. 

Used black and white paint.
Covered the entire bottle and used the white sparingly at various spots to give dimension.

I found a free printable label from online that i liked.

I added dye around the edges along with black paint to give it an old look.

I didn't end up using the brush with dye. I just took the paper and touched the edges on the ink pad.

I used the brush for the black paint and added black paint around the edges also.

I used mod podge.

I didn't mind the roughed up spots because it gives a nice effect of old and withered look. 

I also used dye and a black sharpie to cover the lid of the bottle.

Here is the finished bottle on display!
what do you think?



Please leave me a comment saying which one of the 4 of 4x4's you would like to win!
I will choose a winner on Halloween! :D

Thank you for your visit and please have a look at my DIY Black cat and free printable!

October Traditions

Hello my friends! How are you enjoying Autumn? Here in Toronto the colours are breathtaking. What are some things you like about Autumn? Every year I look forward to Canadian Thanksgiving. I totally look forward to my sister in law Susy's cooking. It's absolutely amazing food!!! Seriously! after it's over I think about the next time I'll have her food. She should of been a chef! :D

 I also love carving pumpkins with my family. We also make caramel popcorn and candy apples. We decorate the house with Halloween decor. It's fun and exciting times. How about you? What do you love to do in Autumn?

I also love chai tea, cozy sweaters and fuzzy warm socks. 

It is almost here... the HALLOWEEN PARTY! Tomorrow join me and others for this amazing BLOG HOP! 

 tomorrow is the day of the party and I'll be posting a DIY here on my blog. :)

It's going to be spooktacular!

I posted a DIY CRAFT over on my ART blog.

Check it out here----> DIY BLACK CAT PRINTABLE.

Don't forget to come back tomorrow for the DIY HALLOWEEN PARTY POST! 
I just might have a little giveaway! ;D

Oct 22, 2014

Essence Cosmetics Winner!

I'm so excited! I'm so grateful for this lovely gift!

Thank you so much to Chantalscorner for hosting this lovely
Giveaway on your blog!

 I'm so grateful and thank you so much to Chantal and Essence Cosmetics!

All the products are amazing! The cosmetics came in this AMAZING makeup bag!
omg TED BAKER LONDON! :D  woo hoo!
My favourite color too and a cute bow on top! :D 

Thank you again and I'm totally in love with everything!